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DNReurope Black 

DNR manufactures and supplies hardware to funeral coach builders, funeral homes, professionals in the industry

and also produces parts for the limousine industry.  we service Today as there is no Tomorrow



VTU logo

The Association of Suppliers for the Funeral Industry (VTU) is the interest organization for suppliers that supply to, among others, funeral service providers, cemeteries, crematoria and mortuaries. The objective of the VTU is to promote the interests of the members and to promote their activities in the field of suppliers for the funeral industry and / or funeral services.




We are Sales & Service Partner of Binz-International for the Netherlands and Belgium.

In addition to the offer in a complete range of new Binz vehicles, such as funeral cars (also Electric), transfer cars and limousines, we also supply Binz occasions.

For more information, please contact us. We can also send a Binz sales brochure on request.




Guía Bergadana Coach Company